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High-Confidence Software Platforms for
Cyber-Physical Systems (HCSP-CPS)
November 30 – December 1, 2006 ~ Alexandria, Virginia 


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Contact: Eric Hall
Last updated: November 15, 06


Some of the most challenging R&D software problems for cyber-physical
systems are those associated with producing, and where computer
processors control physical, chemical, or biological processes or
devices.  Examples of such systems include airplanes and air traffic
control systems, automobiles, power grids, oil refineries, and patient
monitoring systems. Despite advances in standards-based
commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, key challenges must be
addressed before COTS software can be used to build mission-critical
distributed real-time embedded (DRE) systems effectively and
productively.  For example, developers of DRE systems continue to use
ad hoc means to develop, configure, and deploy their applications due to
the lack of formally analyzable and verifiable building block components
at the operating system and middleware layers.

Recognizing this tremendous challenge and responsibility, the HCSS
Coordinating Group has decided to conduct an extensive community
outreach for exploring new ideas and identifying emerging trends that
could be used as input for a National research agenda on High Confidence
Software Platforms for Cyber-Physical Systems.  In particular, the
workshop will focus on R&D strategies and tactics for restructuring the
current real-time operating system, virtual machine, and distributed
computing middleware platforms into a sound and assured real-time
technology base for building future cyber-physical systems.

Panel Breakout Sessions (see Agenda for full details)

1. Architecture, Execution, and (Spatio-Temporal) Virtualization (Lead: Joe Loyall)

2. Services and Assembly (Lead: Priya Narasimhan)

3. Programming and Synthesis, Hardware, and Software (Lead: Kevin Sullivan)


Workshop Organizers

Doug Schmidt, Vanderbilt University (Co-Chair)
Raj Rajkumar, Carnegie Mellon University (Co-Chair)

HCSS CG Sponsor Agencies

Helen Gill (NSF, HCSS CG Co-Chair)
Brad Martin (NSA, HCSS CG Co-Chair)
Paul Miner (NASA)
Ray Bortner (AFRL)

Program Committee

David Bacon (IBM)
Brian Bershad (U of Washington)
Ken Birman (Cornell)
Greg Bollella (Sun Microsystems)
Alessandro Forin (Microsoft Research)
Steve Goddard (U of Nebraska-Lincoln)
John Hatcliff  (Kansas State U)
Frankie King (NCO/NITRD)
Doug Lea  (SUNY-Oswego)
Joe Loyall (BBN Technologies)
Frank Mueller (NCSU)
Klara Nahrstedt (UIUC)
Priya Narasimhan (CMU)
Doug Niehaus (U of Kansas)
William Scherlis (CMU)
Lui Sha (UIUC)
Jack Stankovic (UVA)
Kevin Sullivan  (UVA)
Jan Vitek (Purdue)
Kurt C. Wallnau (Software Engineering Institute)