Navy logistics acronyms and web resources

ACC: Aircraft Controlling Custodian

ADA: Acquisition Decision Authority

AEL: Allowance Equipment List

APL: Allowance Parts List

APML: Assistant Project Manager for Logistics

ATAC: Automated Tracking and Control - Navy logistics database

AUTOSERD Automated Support Equipment Requirements Document

BCM: Beyond Capability of Maintenance

BER: Beyond Economic Repair

CAGE: Commercial and Government Entity

CAIMS: Conventional Ammunition Integrated Management System - Navy ammo database

JLSC: Joint Logistics Systems Center

CAV-PC: Commercial Asset Viability Personal Computer - PC accessible database for tracking of Navy assets located at commercial repair facilities

CFA: Cognizant Field Activity

COG: Cognizance Code

COSAL: Coordinate Shipboard Allowance List

CRAMSI: Consolidated Residual Asset Management Screening Information system

CRIB: Computer Resources Information Base - database of info on IT for Navy, particularly logistics

COSIP: Computer Open Systems Implementation Program - "provides the U.S. Navy with an engineering and acquisition mechanism for introducing commercial and open system technologies"

DCN: Design Change Notice

DLA: Defense Logistics Agency

DLIS: Defense Logistics Information Service .. 6M items of supply...

DLR: Depot Level Repairable

DSP: Defense Standardization Program

EC: Engineering Changes

FIMARS: Force Inventory Management Analysis Reporting System: Afloat asset visibility/management

FISC: Fleet and Industrial Supply Center

FITS: Force Inventory Transmission System: Communication layer for FIMARS

FLIS: Federal Logistics Information Service/System

FLR: Field Level Repairable

FMEA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

FMECA: Failure Mode Effects and Critically Analysis

FOSSAC: Fitting Out and Supply Support Assistance Center

FOSAT: Fitting Out Supply Assistance Team

FSC: Federal Stock Class

FST: Fleet Support Team

HSC: Hardware System Command

ILO/ILR: Integrated Logistics Overhauls/Integrated Logistics Review

IMA: Intermediate Maintenance Activity

IMRL: Individual Material Readiness List

ISC: Item Selection Conference

ISEA: In-Service Engineering Activity

ISSOP: Intra-Service Supply Support Operations Program (internal "outsourcing")

LINK: Logistics Information NetworK

LM: Logistics Manager

MAPP: Master Acquisition Planning Program

MCC: Material Control Code

MEDALS: Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System

MILSTRIP: Military Standard Transaction Requisition

MIF: Master Item File

MP: Maintenance Planning

MPD: Maintenance Planning Document

NADEP: Naval Aviation Depot

NALCOMIS [OMA] [IMA]: Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System [for Organizational Maintenance Activities] [for Intermediate Maintenance Activities]

NAMTRAGRU: Naval Aviation Maintenance Training Group

NAVAIR: Naval Air Systems Command

NAVICP: Naval Inventory Control Point

NAVICP Knowledge Management System: Meta data about business of supply command

NAVICP On-line Inquiry Service: Direct mainframe access

NAVSEA: Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSUP: Naval Supply Systems Command

NAVSUP "One Touch": One-stop shopping for all logistics data - requisition status, TAV, etc.

NAVSUP CIS: Naval Supply Systems Command Corporate Information System - Variety of management information about supply organization (how does it integrate data?)

NAWCAD: Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division

NAWCTSD: Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division

NHA: Next Higher Assembly

NLL: Navy Logistics Library

NSN: National Stock Number

NSO: Numeric Stockage Objective

OMMS: Organization Maintenance Management System - tracks all shipboard repairs, updates related databases both on and off-ship

PM: Program Manager

PMA: Program Manager, Air

PMS: Planned Maintenance System - defines minimal scheduled maintenance and procedures

POSE: Practical Open Systems Engineering

PVIS: Part number Visibility - System for regional tracking of part numbers

RA: Repair Analysis

RAM: Residual Asset Management - Database for managing transferring extra stuff, and mitigating waste

RFI: Ready for Installation

RFU: Ready for Use

RLA: Repair Level Analysis

SALTS: Streamlined Alternative Logistics Transmission System

SALTS: Standard Automated Logistics Tool Set - Encryption/Transmission ship/shore

SAS: Supportability Analysis Summaries

SERD: Support Equipment Requirement Data

SFM: Supply Financial Management

SMR: Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability

SNAP: Shipboard non-tactical automation program

SNAPSHOT: information systems which permit end-users, retail managers, maintenance managers, weapons managers, logistics managers and CINC/JTF staffs to obtain various types of logistics data from NAVICP-M and NAVICP-P data files. These files include the Master Information File (MIF), Weapon System File (WSF), Technical Reference File (TRF) and Contract Status and Due-In/Due-Out Files.

SPAWAR: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

SRA: Specialized Repair Activity

[S]UDAPS: [Shipboard] Uniform Automated Data Processing System - has logistics, inventory management, financial management, and batch transaction subsystems

TAV: Total Asset Visibility "capability to provide timely and accurate information on the location, movement, status, and identity of units, personnel, equipment, and supplies" ***

TD: Technical Directive

TEC: Type Equipment Code

TSA: Technical Support Activity

UICP: Uniform Inventory Control Program

VMSIR: Virtual Master Stock Item Record - Connects all Navy retail inventory systems maintained by FISCs

WSM: Weapons System Manager

WUC: Work Unit Code - Navy supply command home page. - Logistics toolbox - wealth of info on Navy/DoD logistics info systems, databases, standards, etc. - Acronym site - Acronym site - Very comprehensive DoD IS/IT acronym site - Introduction to concept of Total Asset Visibility, history, systems, integration, news. - Pacific fleet's logistics pages. Better, current, descriptions of what's going on and how things work. - Navy Practical Open Systems Engineering effort - lots of links to standards pages, internal Naval contacts - Navy software engineering process group page. Lots of links.