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Our NEST project lasted from the summer of 2001 till the end of 2005. We have developed many middleware services, tools and applications. Most of these are available for download and are well documented.

Our most recent results is in the area of sensor node localization. The Radio Interferometric Positioning System has the potential to revolutionize node deployment because both its range and accuracy is an order of magnitude better than those of other aproaches.

The Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol (FTSP) is one of the most widely used time sync services for motes. Its accuracy is in the few-microsecond range, while its overhead is small. Our most recent time synchronization work resulted in the Routing Integrated Time Sycnhronization, an implicit service with zero message overhead, and the Rapid Time Synchronization service that can provide a network-wide global virtual time in a few seconds after bootup.

We have developed different tools to support middleware and application development for sensor networks. GRATIS provides a graphical environment for the model-based development of TinyOS applications. TinyDT is an Eclipse-based IDE for TinyOS.

Finally, we have developed a prototype shooter localization system utilizing a sensor network. The localization accuracy of the system in open terrain is competitive with that of existing centralized countersniper systems. However, our sensor network-based solution surpasses the traditional approach in urban environments because it can mitigate multi-path effects by utilizing a large number of simultaneous measurements at different locations. For more information, please visit our applications page.


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