Package net.tinyos.prowler

Class Summary
Application This class represents one application that sends and receives messages with a given fixed application id.
Display Inherited from java.awt.Frame this class controls the graphical output of our experiments.
Event This class represents an event in the simulator.
GaussianRadioModel This radio model uses the assumption that nodes are mainly static, they don't change their positions to often.
Mica2Node This class represents a mote and all its properties important from the simulation point of view.
Node This class is the base class of all nodes.
RadioModel This class is the abstract baseclass of all radio models.
RayleighRadioModel This radio model uses the assumption that nodes are moving very often.
Simulator This class is the heart of Prowler, as this is the event based scheduler, or simulator.
TestBroadcastNode This is a sample application, it shows a way of utilizing the Prowler simulator.