Camera-ready Paper Submission Format

Final accepted papers (accepted for either oral or poster presentation) must be prepared in AAAI format, and must not exceed 8 pages length. Do not include page numbers. Do not include the copyright notice in your paper*. Authors must submit their paper in PDF format via the online paper submission site by May 11, 2007. Postal addresses, electronic mail, fax, and telephone numbers should be listed on the cover page of all papers.

Accepted papers qualify as regular or poster papers. All accepted DX-07 papers will be published in the Workshop notes and CD ROM. The Workshop notes and CD ROM will be distributed to participants to facilitate resubmission of papers to conferences or journals.

For those who wish to attend the Workshop without submitting a paper, please email a short abstract describing your research interests to dx07 email by February 16, 2007. Invitations will be mailed out by April 2, 2007. To promote active discussion at the workshop, attendance will be by invitation only.

For additional details, please send an email to to the Program Chairs (Sherif Abdelwahed, Gautam Biswas, and Xenofon Koutsoukos) at dx07 email . We look forward to your paper submissions, and look forward to your attending DX-07.

In LaTeX, use the command \nocopyright within the document body. In Microsoft Word, the footnote reference mark is embedded in the first section title, and is removed most easily be deleting the section title.