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Model-based Synthesis of Generators for Embedded Systems

This research is sponsored by the DARPA MoBIES program. Its objective is to automate the creation of model interpreters and other, related tools used for semantic conversion of information.


Model-Integrated Computing for Surety of High Assurance Systems

Development formal-method based system design tools with an emphasis on reliability, safety, and security. The tools utilize models, generic in construct but domain specific for each application.


GME: The Generic Modeling Environment

GME is a configurable graphical modeling environment that supports building multi-aspect, hierarchical models. It also has flexible constraint management and automatic program synthesis capabilities.


Tools for formal modeling languages (4mlware)

Development of a formal backplane of tools that support analysis and interchange of models, metamodels, and DSMLs.


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Verification of complex finite-state systems

Finite-state systems with extremely large state-spaces often arise in common electro-mechanical systems. Yet, their formal verification is a difficult problem. In this effort we are developing techniques and tools based on symbolic model checking to perform these verification tasks.



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