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Saturn Site Production Flow (SSPF) : Engineering Process and Business Decision Support Tools

The Saturn Site Production Flow (SSPF) system is a Manufacturing Execution System which is an integral and enabling component of the business process employed by Saturn Corp., a car manufacturer, to increase plant throughput.


Model-based Integrated Simulation Framework (MILAN)

Model-based Integrated Simulation Framework


Model-based Synthesis of Generators for Embedded Systems

This research is sponsored by the DARPA MoBIES program. Its objective is to automate the creation of model interpreters and other, related tools used for semantic conversion of information.


GME: The Generic Modeling Environment

GME is a configurable graphical modeling environment that supports building multi-aspect, hierarchical models. It also has flexible constraint management and automatic program synthesis capabilities.


Adaptive Learning Technologies

Provides technology for authoring interactive, adaptive courseware from graphical models. The project is a part of the VaNTH Engineering Research Center in Bioengineering Educational Technologies funded by the National Science Foundation.


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