Publication Name Composing Domain-Specific Design Environments
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Publication Date November, 2001
Journal Name Computer
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Page Number Start 44
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Bibliography Entry Ledeczi A., Bakay A., Maroti M., Volgyesi P., Nordstrom G., Sprinkle J., Karsai G.: Composing Domain-Specific Design Environments, Computer, pp. 44-51, November, 2001.

Akos Ledeczi

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Arpad Bakay


Miklos Maroti


Peter Volgyesi


Greg G Nordstrom


Gabor Karsai


Model-based Integrated Simulation Framework (MILAN)

Model-based Integrated Simulation Framework


GME: The Generic Modeling Environment

GME is a configurable graphical modeling environment that supports building multi-aspect, hierarchical models. It also has flexible constraint management and automatic program synthesis capabilities.


DuPont Activity Modeling Tool (AMT)

The Activity Modeling Tool abstracts creation of a remote GUI and system integration for a high level chemical engineering plant organizer. This framework can be readily extended to other system integration domains.


MetaGME Metamodeling Environment

GME-based toolsuite for specifying and synthesizing domain-specific modeling environments from UML/OCL-based metamodels.


Model Integrated Computing

Providing rich, domain-specific modeling environments including model analysis and model-based program synthesis tools.


Generic support for visual modeling

ISIS has developed a generic modeling environment (GME) that supports the editing of domain-specific models. This tool is a "meta-tool" as it can be tailored for the needs of specific domains with various semantics. The further development of this tool and the supporting infrastructure for meta-modeling is a very active area of research.


Modeling languages

ISIS has developed a large number of visual languages for modeling complex systems. Designing and implementing modeling languages for domain-specific applications is one of the key characteristics of our research.

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Software Engineering, Software Synthesis, domain-specific environment, domain-specific program synthesis, GME2000, MIC, model interpreters, Model-based systems, Model-Integrated Computing Environment, OCL, program synthesis, software generators, UML, chemical manufacturing, Constraints, domain-specific modeling, GME, Metamodeling, MIC Applications, Model-based, model-integrated system development, Modeling Paradigms, models, process control, system integration, visual modeling, Modeling, Model-Integrated Computing


Distributed Object Computing
Model-Integrated Computing
Model-Driven Architecture
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