Publication Name Component-Based Development of Networked Embedded Applications
Publication Type Conference Proceedings
Publication Date September, 2002
Conference Name 28th Euromicro Conference, Component-Based Software Engineering Track
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City Dortmund
State or Country Germany
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Bibliography Entry Volgyesi P., Ledeczi A.: Component-Based Development of Networked Embedded Applications, 28th Euromicro Conference, Component-Based Software Engineering Track, , Dortmund, Germany, September, 2002.

Peter Volgyesi


Akos Ledeczi

first name dot last name at vanderbilt dot edu


Networked Embedded Software Technology (NEST)

Pattern-Oriented Composition and Synthesis of Middleware Services for NEST


GME: The Generic Modeling Environment

GME is a configurable graphical modeling environment that supports building multi-aspect, hierarchical models. It also has flexible constraint management and automatic program synthesis capabilities.


Embedded system applications

Performance and dependability requirements of embedded systems necessitate novel design and development techniques that provide support for the creation of embedded systems. This effort deals with the design principles, synthesis methods, analysis techniques, and the run-time infrastructure issues of embedded systems.


Model Integrated Computing

Providing rich, domain-specific modeling environments including model analysis and model-based program synthesis tools.


Modeling languages

ISIS has developed a large number of visual languages for modeling complex systems. Designing and implementing modeling languages for domain-specific applications is one of the key characteristics of our research.

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Distributed Object Computing
Model-Integrated Computing
Model-Driven Architecture
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