Publication Name Composition and Cloning in Modeling and Meta-Modeling
Publication Type Journal Articles
Publication Date 2003
Journal Name IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology
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Bibliography Entry Karsai G., Maroti M., Ledeczi A., Gray J., Sztipanovits J.: Composition and Cloning in Modeling and Meta-Modeling, IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology, (accepted), 2003.

Gabor Karsai


Miklos Maroti


Akos Ledeczi

first name dot last name at vanderbilt dot edu


Jeff Gray


Janos Sztipanovits


Fault-Adaptive Control Technology (FACT)

The goal of the project is to develop integrated solutions for fault diagnostics and control.


Model-based Synthesis of Generators for Embedded Systems

This research is sponsored by the DARPA MoBIES program. Its objective is to automate the creation of model interpreters and other, related tools used for semantic conversion of information.


GME: The Generic Modeling Environment

GME is a configurable graphical modeling environment that supports building multi-aspect, hierarchical models. It also has flexible constraint management and automatic program synthesis capabilities.


MetaGME Metamodeling Environment

GME-based toolsuite for specifying and synthesizing domain-specific modeling environments from UML/OCL-based metamodels.


Model Integrated Computing

Providing rich, domain-specific modeling environments including model analysis and model-based program synthesis tools.

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Model-Integrated Computing, domain-specific modeling, Metamodeling, GME, MIC


Distributed Object Computing
Model-Integrated Computing
Model-Driven Architecture
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